TaskMerlin Project Management Software Project management software, task management software and to-do list software

TaskMerlin Project Management Software

TaskMerlin is a project management software, task management software, to-do list software, calendar software, GTD software, time management software tool that makes it simple to organize projects, tasks and to-do lists. Designed for individual productivity and team collaboration over an office network. Supports the GTD (Getting Things Done) method.

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Macro Keys 4.0: Assigns shortcut to large text, saves multiple clipboards and launches programs.

Macro Keys 4.0

Macro Keys is a unique productivity software that helps you save your time when working with your computer. It can help you create shortcut texts called macros for your repetitive texts. It also saves last 100 clipboard content to help you use them later. Furthermore, it supports creating hotkeys for launching just about anything on your computer including your favorite files, folders, emails and websites.

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Time Doctor for Mac OS X 2.2.16: Time management software to track and improve productivity.

Time Doctor for Mac OS X 2.2.16

Time management software for Mac OS X with real time tracking. Time Doctor is the best software for monitoring remote teams. It records Internet and software applications usage. Time Doctor has multiple features to improve productivity - recording length of time on phone calls or meetings, recording time on email programs.

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Time Doctor for Windows 2.2.16: Employee productivity software for time tracking and remote employee monitoring.

Time Doctor for Windows 2.2.16

Employee time management software for real time tracking of tasks and preventing wasted time. Time Doctor is the best software for monitoring a remote team. Records employee Internet use and takes screenshots every 3 minutes. Time Doctor also has multiple features for improving employee productivity such as: removing multi-tasking, getting staff to focus on top priorities, making sure managers are aware of the top priorities of employees.

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PowerReuse 1.1: A document assembly software built for boosting productivity for professionals

PowerReuse 1.1

software for you! PowerReuse is a document assembly software designed for boosting productivity for professionals (sales, project managers, lawyers, government officials, IT professionals, consultants and customer support executives). It builds on top of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Taking advantage of our patent pending technology, PowerReuse lets users access Microsoft Office features through one integrated interface and provides

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Tinove Timesheet 2.1.1: Easy-to-use, intuitive time tracking software for business.

Tinove Timesheet 2.1.1

Tinove Timesheet (T9) is an easy-to-use, efficient timesheet application ideally suited for managing employee attendance and absences, and to monitor employee expensess. Specifically, T9 tracks employee attendance and absences per jobs by hours, and employee expenses in the currency of your choice.

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SleekOffice 1.1

Web-based knowledge worker automation (KWA) and customer relationship management (CRM) software for contact management, account management, scheduling, goal and outcome management, blogs, file sharing and more. Increase productivity. Full data sharing and synchronization support. SleekOffice features sharing capabilities, allowing you to share information and delegate tasks among team members. Share contacts, calendars, notes and files easily.

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Tethys Productivity Essentials 2.0: Productivity Software - Increase Personal or Employee Productivity in minutes.

Tethys Productivity Essentials 2.0

productivity by eliminating repetitive computer tasks. Ease your workload, speed up your day. Let your computer perform routine personal, business or IT tasks automatically for you. No programming required. Save time & money with this great combo productivity pack. Encourage & mobilize teams to work smarter, faster & be more productive. Our Workspace Macro Pro productivity tool eliminates the routine front & back office tasks enabling you to use

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Business-in-a-Box 5.0.4: Business-in-a-Box - The World`s #1 Business Document Templates Software

Business-in-a-Box 5.0.4

productivity, present a professional image and ensure consistency in corporate communications. Written by lawyers and business consultants, all of the documents have standard margins, fonts and appearance. With Business-in-a-Box you will be able to communicate accurately with customers, partners, employees, investors and bankers. Be better prepared to face difficult situations such as firing an employee or collecting dues, and get rid of the pain

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Free CSS Toolbox 1.2: Free productivity software for web developers who work with CSS code.

Free CSS Toolbox 1.2

Free CSS Toolbox is a freeware productivity software for web developers who work with CSS code. Free CSS Toolbox includes a number of tools for fast-tracking and enhancing the development of style sheet code, such as an advanced CSS Formatter, CSS Validator and CSS Code Compressor. If you develop websites that use CSS, the Free CSS Toolbox can help you save time and increase productivity without any cost.

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